Information for New Riders (or what I wish I’d known on my first ride):


The Beijing Peloton riders have a range of abilities and we welcome new cyclists, but you should have reached a reasonable level of fitness prior to riding with the club. The majority of rides take place in the mountains and couldn’t be regarded as easy, but some rides are easier than others.


The faster riders will be traveling at over 32kph on the flat for long stretches and cover distances of 100km or more in the mountains. The B riders ride around 25-28kph on the flat and ride 60k or more in the mountains. If you are concerned about your ability to ride with the Peloton, please contact us as we may be able to advise a route that is more suitable for your first ride (e.g., an out-and-back). We will try to cater for all riders and you will find that your fitness and strength improves very quickly with riding in the mountains (some of the Peloton committee first started their road riding obsession here with the Peloton)



• The riders meet around 6:45-6:55 just outside the new Chaoyang Park Trek Store (in the Death Star buiilding opposite Park Avenue). Just look for the motley crew of lycra clad misfits. The riders travel on a mini-bus and the bikes are loaded onto ‘Jinbei’ vans.

• Small bags can be left on the bus during the ride at your own risk – please do not leave any valuables on the bus..

• Be prepared for the ride (adequate food and hydration / map or GPS / cell phone / some cash / repair kit / helmet / mitts / identification (e.g., passport or ID copy), insurance card and suitable kit for the weather (eg sun block / rain gear / cold weather gear). Note some locations have limited cell phone coverage. If you’re not sure about clothing drop us a message.

• Recommended repair kit is 2-3 tire levers, two inner tubes, one pump and/or CO2 pump with 2 canisters, multi-tool, tire boot. Please know how to use them

• Make sure you load the route onto your phone or bike computer before the ride and that it is fully charged. Bringing the ride email (containing directions) can help too!

• Once we arrive at the destination the bikes are unloaded and we depart quickly. Be ready to go. You’ll see a flurry of activity as everyone gets ready in the last 15 minutes before we arrive at the starting point.

• Most drop off/pickup locations have limited (i.e. no) toilet facilities!

• Note the vans will depart for the return journey at the specified time or earlier if all riders have returned. If you think you are going to finish early, please don’t stop off along the way to get lunch/sightsee before turning up at the vans at the last minute. Most pick-up/drop-off points have food available nearby.

• You don’t get dropped back to the Trek store – Saturday afternoon traffic downtown can be a little, erm, terrible, so we drop off on the east side of Chaoyang Park, or on Yaojiayuan Road (coming back from Pinggu). Riding through the traffic is much quicker than sitting in the bus by that point.