Welcome to the Beijing Peloton Cycling Club!


Founded in 2006 we are an informal club with a simple goal – to organize weekly rides for amateur road bike cyclists in the mountains outside of Beijing’s 6th ring road. We like to keep it simple, keep it fun. We ride road bikes up mountains, and then down the other side a little bit faster. We have all levels of experience within the club, so get away from the smog downtown and join us riding the fantastic roads that Beijing's hinterland has to offer.


Where we ride:

Beijing is surrounded by mountains on 3 sides, and that is where we go: Baiyanggou, Ming Tombs, Huairou, Sihai, Miyun, Pinggu – each location has many routes of different difficulties and lengths. Our rides involve travel by minibus for an hour from downtown to our starting point. Most rides are loops or out-and-back rides, but some start and finish in different locations. There is typically an “A” ride of 80-110k, and a “B” ride of 60-80k. All rides have spectacular climbs and wonderful scenery.


When we ride:

The comfortable riding season in Beijing is from the beginning of March to the end of October. Rainfall is rare. Sunshine in prevalent. Smog is an occasional pain in the *#^!. We ride on Saturday mornings departing 7am from just west of the Chaoyang Park Trek store, and return downtown at 3-4pm depending on destination and traffic.


How to sign up:

First, subscribe to the weekly Ride Announcement emails by contacting us here. These Ride Announcement emails contain all the information you need, including clear directions and links to the routes and downloadable GPX files. You can pay for a single ride or join as a season long member. You sign up for a ride by replying to that email saying something along the lines of “Sign me up!”