The Serious but Important bit.


The Club


The club is a non-profit organisation managed by 'The Committee' who share the responsibilities for running the club in our spare time. We choose the rides, send the emails, lead the rides, run the website, take the photos, eat the Belgian fries etc.

Joining The Beijing Peloton Cycling Club as a member entitles you to ride every normal Saturday ride for free (approximately 30 rides), with a guaranteed seat on the bus.

Single rides are fairly self explanatory.

We communicate officially via email, and unofficially via our WeChat group. You can sign up to the mailing list directly using the form on the Homepage, or email us for signup and to join the WeChat group.



Saturday Ride Information and Rules


  • Ride announcements are sent out every week by email.
  • Those willing to join a ride need to register by EMAIL ONLY to the Beijing Peloton address (just reply to the announcement). Showing up unannounced could mean there is no available seat on the bus. Please indicate which route you intend to follow.
  • All riders need to complete the waiver before they can ride. The club and committee take no responsibility for any injury to yourself or others, or any property.
  • The ride destination may be changed, or the ride cancelled, if the AQI is predicted to be over 200 or the weather conditions are dangerous. This is at the Ride Leaders discretion. Notification of cancellation will be given on Friday by 5pm.
  • Punctuality. The vans always depart from the Chaoyang Park TREK Store, at the same time (7am sharp). A Peloton Ride Leader will be checking attendance and collecting money as needed
  • All riders are expected to know the route. Maps and route description are included with every announcement.
  • Questions can be asked on the bus and whilst riding. The ride leader will announce the bus departure time before the ride commences.
  • Be prepared for the ride (adequate food and hydration / map or GPS / cell phone / some cash / repair kit / helmet / mitts / identification (e.g., passport or ID copy), insurance card and suitable kit for the weather (eg sun block / rain gear / cold weather gear). Note some locations have limited cell phone coverage. . Know the route!
  • There is no no-drop policy for the club. The ride typically splits into a few groups of differing abilities. Each group can get strung out on climbs but regrouping at the top of climbs and bottom of descents is normal as we tend to be a sociable bunch!
  • If riders are lost or running late they should notify the ride leader as soon as possible.
  • Vans will only be dispatched to find individual riders in case of emergency (accident / injury / severe mechanical problem).
  • This conserves fuel and guarantees a timely return for all riders.
  • Note the vans will depart for the return journey at the specified time or earlier if all riders have returned. Many of us have family waiting for us and wish to return to downtown Beijing as early as possible. Please don’t delay our departure.



General Riding Rules and Etiquette


  • Please ride safely! We can't stress this enough. Most accidents happen at speed on the descent, and road users in China are more unpredictable than perhaps you are used to.
  • So, on descents keep to your side of the road and be very aware that other vehicles may be coming up on your side (e.g. when over-taking a slower vehicle) even on blind hairpin mountainside corners! Do not assume that your side of the road is safe unless you have a clear view, and even then look out for vehicles entering suddenly from the side.
  • You must wear a suitable helmet when riding with the Beijing Peloton.
  • Ensure your equipment is in good working order. A badly maintained bike is harder to ride and more likely to break down and/or cause an accident.
  • Remember you are entirely responsible for your own safety. Please consider your safety and that of those around you.
  • Try to avoid riding alone. There is safety in numbers – other road users have better visibility of you, and in the event of an accident or breakdown you will have companions to assist.
  • Riders that endanger the group may be asked to ride at the rear or leave the ride.
  • Where possible try to ride in a tight group, two abreast. This maximizes the benefit of riding together. If you’re not sure about how to ride in a group take a look on YouTube at the Global Cycling Network channel, or many other online resources.
  • Be predictable in all your actions. Maintain a steady straight line and pace and avoid braking or changing direction suddenly. Remember there are other riders following close behind you. Do not over-lap wheels.
  • Point out and call out any road hazards ahead. Wave behind you to indicate which direction to move to pass an obstacle. If at the rear of a group call out ‘car back’ when a car approaches from behind. Pass signals and calls down through the group.
  • Don’t just fix your attention on the wheel in front – try to look up and past the rider in front and be aware of what is happening around you.
  • On climbs keep a larger space between yourself and the rider in front. If the front rider gets out of the saddle it is quite common for their speed to drop suddenly.
  • Please don’t ride with aerobars. It’s not that we don’t like Time Trials but aerobars not safe when riding in a group, and not great for the mountains anyway.