Peloton + Trek21-Feb-2017

Peloton plus Trek



Beijing Peloton + Trek


We’re very happy to announce that the partnership between Trek and the Beijing Peloton has been re-established. Trek are working hard to encourage cycling in Beijing and China at all levels, not least through their #ComeRideWithUs# initiative and we’re proud to be working with them, and they bring many benefits to the club and our members.


New Trek Stores!


Trek are currently opening five brand new stores in Beijing, including a new one near Chaoyang Park opposite the old store which opens in April. The other stores are in CBD - Guanghua Soho 2, Shunyi - Shine City (both already open), and coming soon a massive flagship store in Wangjing, and a final store in Haidian - Wanliu.


Bike Rental, Servicing and more….


The new Trek stores will be open from 6:30am every Saturday during the riding season for their #ComeRideWithUs# events, so you can fill up water bottles, or buy any spares that you might need. Through our partnership with Trek you will be able to rent Trek bikes at a discount - perfect for new and visiting riders! You will get a discount on Bike Servicing (and with a fantastic 24 hour turnaround), and bike washing - great for apartment dwellers who prefer not to shower with their bike! Drop off your bike for a wash after the ride whilst you grab coffee and cake nearby!

More details will be posted on our new website soon. If you would like to know more please get in touch!

Trek’s website can be found here.


Best Regards,
The Committee

The Beijing Peloton Cycling Club



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